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What is the difference between SUPER MUM blender and other blenders?

All of the soybean makers belong to a single function with bad stirring performance and tough clearance. Compared with other blenders available in the market, the most different thing is the design for the blade, motor life, motor torque, motor speed and the bad effect for breaking the cell wall. 

The power of SUPER MUM blender ranges from 1300W to 2200W. The world patent design for 3D long-lasting serrated blades with 35,000 RPM and the exclusive design for stainless steel filter enable it to break the cell wall that makes the taste more smooth and delicate. This exclusive design is an unreplaceable technology nowadays.

Where does SUPER MUM blender manufactured?

All of the spare parts for SUPER MUM blender are made in Taiwan (MIT). Besides selling in Taiwan, we also selling to the State, Germany, Costa Rica, Colombia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Australia and Mainland China.  

What is the difference between stainless steel jar and plastic jar?

Both stainless steel jar and plastic jar are of the same functions, the only different is the material used. 

Stainless Steel Jar is made of SUS-304. The number 304 was produced based on American ASTM standards. The main component of SUS-304 is made of 18% Chromium and 8% nickel. To prevent rust, Chromium will turn into chromium oxide. Nickel has the advantages of corrosion resistance and acid-proof alkaline.

In order to reduce the cost, many manufacturers use Manganese and Nitrogen, that is the 200 Series products on the market right now, to replace, Because the 200 Series products are either nickel-free or low-Ni content, therefore, the anti-corrosion effect is inferior to 304 stainless Steel. Hot and acidic foods are easy to dissolve heavy metals, it is recommended not to use.

SUS-304 has good toughness in high temperature which totally passed the General Surveillance Society Test.

The SUS-304 is suitable for making hot soy bean milk, hot pottage and powder.

There is no need worry about scratching and releasing toxins, because the jar is easy for clearance.

As for the plastic jar, we adopt chimei corporation product of PC-110, this product can withstand from minus 20 Celsius degrees to 140 Celsius degrees. PC-110 also passed the General Surveillance Society Test, without BPA and plasticizer. The PC-110 is suitable for making juice, cold food with its white appearance.

How many jars for one set SUPER MUM blender?

There are two jars for one set blender that is one SUS-304 stainless steel jar with one PC-110 plastic jar.

Why our blender uses different blade assembly compared with other manufacturers?

The patented blade design can chop any kinds of food into fine pieces within seconds to prepare excellent textures. This design has a good effect for breaking the cell wall which makes the taste smooth. Others didn’t modify the blender design so it can’t break the cell wall and this makes the taste worse compared to SUPER MUM blenders.