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Why the machine suddenly stop?
1. Adding too much food or adding too fast on a low speed,
    or the motor heating up over 125 celcius degrees.
2. The plug was not plugged correctly or came loose.
When overload current passes, press the overload protection 
button and continue again.
(If the motor overheats, it will automatic power-off to protect the motor,
Waiting for fifteen minutes until the motor has cooled down and it will 
automatically turn back on.
Why the product doesn’t work even if I turned it on?
Check if the power is properly connected.
And the overload protection button behind is popped out. 
After checking, try to restart it again.
PS. If your model NO. of the machine is HF series, please put the jar on to the machine then turn it tightly. If the machine still can’t work, please check the the tenon at the bottom is broken or not. 


The blande dose not rotate smoothly and was loudly than before
Please check the bottom of the jar. Has the blade or retainer nut become loose?
If the bearing (a consumable component) has deteriorated, just change for a new one.
Can’t cover the new lid into the jar?

When you get a new lid, you may feel that it is hard to cover.

You can soak the lid in hot water about 2-3 minutes to make the lid become soften.

Then you can cover the lid easily!