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How can “SUPERMUM” make it?

Liang Kai-Fu, the CEO of XIN–LI-KANG INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD., usually attend the exhibition. 

Chinese customers also rush to purchase SUPERMUM goods in Taiwan. 

We can see juicers everywhere. Liang Kai-Fu, the CEO of XIN–LI-KANG INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD.,

who innovates “SUPERMUM” brand blenders are more powerful. He always has a great success when

he went to attend Taiwan Trade Fair in China with the trade association these years. Although the unit

price of the blender is high, there are still many enthusiastic Chinese customers go to Taiwan to purchase


SUPERMUM blenders from him. How can Liang Kai-Fu make it?

Liang Kai-Fu said that that he feels very surprised when he decided to produce and sell the blenders.

He majored in Car Maintenance subject when he was a student. After graduated, he helped the company

of his family. He also had sold clothes before.


There are many social activities just because he had a great profit in his business.

“ This life is not a life which I want.“ After that, he went to do the detergent business.

He even went to do the TV shopping sales in the middle of 1990s.To cultivate sales

with sensitive attitude to the goods, he decided to be a salesperson.


 “Recall that the process from the student to be a salesperson, it make me realize that the huge

difference between the produce and sale. This can also cultivate me about be sensitive to the goods.

” Liang Kai-Fu said that people usually think that their goods are good to make money. But it lacks of the

connection to the customers by face to face, this will cause risk which they don’t know at all.”

This thought affected Liang Kai-Fu when he did the selling business on the blenders.

The thought always comes to his mind. Sometimes, he found that the trend and the need

from the market and the customers are rejected by the supplier when they requested to

improve. The supplier will reply them “No solution” or “You can just sell the goods in that

way, it is ok.” In the meantime, he also found the customers will ignore him specially and

then contact with the supplier directly.


After consideration, Liang Kai-Fu decided to build XIN–LI-KANG INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. to do the innovation,

produce, and sale of the blenders. In recent year, Liang Kai-Fu heightens the level to compete and upgrade the

level of the goods.

Change to do the juicer to do the blender. (People call it is mixer in China.) The ordinary juicer only can blend juice.

The PC jar will be abraded easily and it even will have tiny powder from the jar when you use the juicer after a long time

Thus, XIN–LI-KANG company not only upgrades the blade and the motor on the blender but also upgrades the original

PC jar to one shape without seams Stainless Steel Jar. This innovation of the blender can blend multi-grain, the meat

bone, and the fish bone. It won’t leave weird smell as well.


Although the price of the blender is higher, it is still popular in the market after we released it. Especially the Chinese

customers, some people will even go to XIN–LI-KANG company expressly to purchase the blender when they travel to

Taiwan. Liang Kai-Fu said that he went to China to visit his friend in 2000s before. After 2009s, Liang Kai-Fu’s friend invited

him to attend and to see Taiwan Trade Fair in Nanjing which was exhibited by Taiwan External Trade Development Council

with him. SUPER MUM blenders are high class. We don’t compare the price with others.


Thus, Liang Kai-Fu started to bring the latest goods to attend the fair from 2010s when Taiwan External Trade Development

Council exhibited Taiwan Trade Fair in China.

Gradually, XIN-LI-KANG company found the agent in China to enter in the market. The sales become better than before after

they released the stainless steel jar blender in recent years.

In the meanwhile, Liang-Kai-Fu applied his previous sale experience on the shopping store to cooperate with Zhejiang livelihood

leisure delicacy program channel. By teaching people to blend the healthy drink, SUPERMUM became famous in the market step

by step.

XIN-LI-KANG company releases the high level goods in China now. The highest price of the blender

is up to RMB$5,980 which is one of the most popular blenders. The price of the blender is about

RMB$1,200 to RMB$2,000 in other companies in China. But XIN-LI-KANG company doesn’t compare

the price with others. Their goods is still popular for particular customers in the market. We ship out

one container which is about 500 sets of blenders from Taiwan to China.


Liang Kai-Fu said that he attended Taiwan Trade Fair which was exhibited by Taiwan External Trade Development

Council in recent years.Tianjin, Beijing, and Nanjing are the areas which we sold the best.

He once sold 300 sets of blenders in Tianjin fair. Recent years, he went to the remote areas such as Guangxi, Nanning,

Kunming, Yunnan and so on, he was surprised to make a great success.

 “ 60% income of XIN-LI-KANG company relied on Taiwanese market before 2008s.” Liang Kai-Fu said”

But after we keep expanding to overseas, our 40% income is from China now. Other 40% income is from

Western and Southeast Asia, the rest 20% income is from Taiwan. We can sell 40,000 to 50,000 sets of

blenders in one year. We hope that we can do well and make a big progress in the future.”


The methods which are from Liang Kai-Fu一 Find the customers. Differentiate the goods to other companies

First, it is important to realize the need of the market since it is impossible to make goods to satisfy with all customers.

Then you should have to find the customers and you have to think that “What kind of people that you need to sell

your goods to them?”Second, you should realize the characteristics of your goods and make a difference to your goods

with others. Try to make a high level of your goods to avoid lowering the price to compete with other companies.

By doing so, the small and medium enterprises can also found a huge business opportunity. (Chinatimes)


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