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Taiwanese brand

20,000 sets of blenders which are made in Taiwan

are sold to China every year.


Taiwan External Trade Development Council gets a fine reputation in China

 for MIT goods via exhibiting Taiwan Trade Fair. And assist the traders to

find the agents. XIN-LI-KANG company released the high level blender which

price is about RMB$6,000 in China. He can sell about 20,000 sets of blenders

in one year in China.


XIN-LI-KANG company innovates own brand SUPER MUM blender.

Liang Kai-Fu said that he expanded the goods to China with Taiwan External

Trade Development Council, and cooperated with Zhejiang livelihood leisure

delicacy program channel. By teaching people to blend the healthy drink,

SUPERMUM becomes famous in China market. The price of the blender is RMB$5,980

which is one of the blenders we sold the best. We ship one

container which is about 500 sets of blenders from Taiwan to China every week.


Lai Kai-Fu said that our goods can have a deep influence in China market

just because we focus on the diet habit of Chinese people to innovate the

goods which is suitable for local people. Take this blender for example,

we use the stainless steel jar to make the hot drink, soybean milk, cream

soup to be suitable for the diet habit of local people. You don’t have to

worry about the poison which the jar may release.


The link of the NEWS: http://udn.com/news/story/6/1187985