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Business opportunity

Taiwan Trade Fair is famous in China.

SUPERMUM makes business opportunity

After Taiwan External Trade Development Council exhibited Taiwan

Trade Fair in China from 2009s, it has accumulated fine reputation since

these 7 years. Many governments of province in China want to exhibit the

fair. It makes a stage to enter in China market to the small and medium

enterprises in Taiwan. Thus, Taiwan traders find local agents to expand

their markets.

Taiwan External Trade Development Council starts to cooperate with the governments of

province in China to exhibit “Taiwan Trade Fair” in 2009s to exhibit Taiwanese high quality of

goods and innovative technology. Until to 2014s, it has exhibited 39 times in 21 countries in

China to catch over ten million people to visit the exhibition. It made US$150 million business

opportunity. Taiwan Trade Fair becomes a fair which exhibits good quality brands for buyers to

buy Taiwanese goods. Thus, many companies are willing to attend the fair with Taiwan External

Trade Development Council every year to find the local agents.


Peihai Technology is the company which has attended Taiwan Trade Fair 4 times.

Peihai Technology counseled with Ministry of Economic Affairs Innovation and Development Center which

is for Small and Medium Enterprises to innovate the facial masks, the cosmetics and so on to sell the goods

to Asia people. China is the biggest market. But Peihai Technology found that it is hard to keep his company

since China market is very competitive. After contacting with Taiwan Trade Fair, Peihai Technology had a fine

reputation gradually and found the company which can cooperate.

Kan Neng Po, the manager of Peihai Technology said that “Taiwan Trade Fair brings huge profit to our company

these years. We find a lot of agents in Taiwan Trade Fair and this fair also helps us to have a fine reputation for our

brand, even to build MIT brand. Normally to say, it is impossible for Taiwanese companies to expand their brands to

find agents in China by ordinary way only by themselves.”


Attending Taiwan Trade fair is a great success, the turnover in this year of Peihai Technology may be up to RMB$20,000,000.

Liang Guoxin, the Chairman of Taiwan External Trade Development Council, said that 80% exhibitors are all Taiwanese small

and medium enterprises. The exhibition becomes an important brand business fair now. That is to say, Taiwan trade fair is a

very important platform for Taiwanese small and medium enterprises to enter in China market.

Companies can exposure their goods via Taiwan Trade Fair, the exhibitors praise the fair.

Liang Kai-Fu, the CEO of XIN-LIN-KANG company, who sold the blenders in China, said that he still attended Taiwan Trade Fair

for five years, although he has entered in China market earlier. He had an agent in Beijing in 2003s to deal with the sale in China.

He keeps expanding his brand and increases the exposure of the goods. His purpose is to find an agent in every province in China.

Obviously, the purpose of the Taiwanese exhibitors is not for selling the goods for short days, it is to build a fine reputation on their

brands and even to make a long-term business in China.


Lai Kai-Fu said that” Taiwan Trade Fair is a good platform. It has become a brand in China. The exhibitors are not only to attend the fair.

In fact, there are many companies will invite Taiwanese supplier to go to China to attend fairs. They claim that it is Taiwan Trade Fair.

But this kind of fair is different from Taiwan Trade Fair which is exhibited by Taiwan External Trade Development Council. As for me,

I think that China only can accept the fair which is high quality and has good arrangement. Thus, many people in China invited me to

attend the fairs, but I don’t attend the fairs at all.”

Kan Neng Po said that the exhibitors can expand their original brands in Taiwan Trade Fair. The purpose for retail in the fair is only for

making China customers to know this brand. But in fact, the exhibitors want to find the agents to release the goods to China via them.

◎Not only to visit the fair, but also to expand the Trade Fair website

Taiwan External Trade Development Council realizes the need of the exhibitors, and Taiwan External Trade Development Council

reviews the future plan for Taiwan Trade Fair many times to release the future business opportunity by attending the fair in short days.

And releases the exclusive catalog website ”Taiwan Trade Fair website” for China buyers. This website has put the goods which has

been exhibited in previous fair and it provides the quote online to make the buyer and the seller to contact with each other more quickly.

Qiu Huili, the expanding market chief of the Taiwan External Trade Development Council said that “How can we do after Taiwan Trade Fair?

That’s the Internet. The Internet can be a platform for the buyers to find the goods which they have saw and heard before. This is the seventh year.

We have contacted all exhibitors who have attended the fair for the past 6 years one by one. We have collected 3,300 member companies and

display 22,000 catalogs.

To control the goods online carefully, Taiwan External Trade Development Council contacts with the exhibitors whom are willing to put the goods

online and can confirm the inquiry from the buyers online in time. And then they will put the goods of the companies online. There are nine kinds

of goods and 20,000 Taiwanese goods online now.

Since global economy is not good this year, it has a great influence on trade in Taiwan. But China has started to change the economic construction.

The middle class rises abruptly. The domestic market still has a huge business opportunity.

Taiwan External Trade Development Council has a fine reputation in China and has built a sense of trust to the consumers in their mind so that MIT

goods can expand to China gradually. Taiwan Trade Fair improves every time to meet the current trend and to do the best for assisting the suppliers.  


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