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Overseas Service

Many people ask us about the question whether we can send the goods to overseas

such as Malaysia and Singapore and so on.


SUPERMUM is sweet to accept the order from overseas!

There are some limitations for overseas order.


1. Customers should afford the shipping cost from Taiwan to overseas.

2. We only accept US or NT dollars.

3.There are no cash on delivery. You only can wire the money to us¸or credit card payment


We suggest that foreign customers can send a message to us to ask for the price by FB first.

You only have to tell us about the following information as below,

1. The delivery address

2. Which model NO. and how many units of the machine do you want to order?

3. Do you need to change the voltage or not?

If you confirm that the price is OK, then you can go to our website to start the purchasing process!!!!

FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/Supermum123/